It Is Fashionable to be Smart

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Maya Penn is “a 16-year-old” entrepreneur and “eco-designer.” She “is the founder and CEO of Maya’s Ideas.” According to CBS News, Maya started her business when she was eight years old making headbands from recyclable materials.

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Along with making her own products including t-shirts and accessories, she is also a “coder, philanthropist, animator and motivational speaker.” Maya loves coding so much that she created her own website. She also makes her own environmental cartoons. Maya Penn was recently one of the “M.A.D Girls Who Rock” at the 2016 Black Girls Rock Awards. Not only is Maya an eco-designer who helps others add a unique variety of eco-friendly items to their wardrobe, she also helps others by giving back. Approximately “10-20% of the profits” made go towards her “local global charities and environmental organizations (Read more about it at”

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Maya Penn stated in an interview with CBS News in April 2016 that her new book “You Got This” inspires others “to follow their passion, and to be change-makers and be creative thinkers, and that they can do anything if they just believe in themselves.” Her non-profit “Maya’s Ideas 4 The Planet creates eco-friendly sanitary pads for girls in developing countries.”

Congratulations to Maya Penn!!! She is one of many examples of why it is fashionable to be smart. Click here to buy Maya Penn’s book “You Got This” and other Maya’s Ideas products today!!!

Sources: CBS News, Maya’s Ideas, Yahoo Finance & Black Girls Rock


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