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It Is Fashionable To Be Healthy

This past Summer, I wrote a cookbook with my family and I love it!!! Vegetarian Eating On A Budget High-Quality Recipe Cookbook is wonderful if you want to have a vegetarian lifestyle or just to be creative in the kitchen. It has a mixture of quick and easy recipes along with meals for dinners with family & friends. Not only are the recipes delicious, but they are also affordable. Vegetarian Eating On A Budget High-Quality Recipe Cookbook is available now on Amazon and Kindle. 

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Trendy Outfits

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Merona Turtleneck

Nothing says “Fall” like a basic black turtleneck. They go with practically anything from your favorite pair of jeans to a cute suede skirt. While my mom and I were looking for a black turtleneck online, I found one that fit that description. It was the Merona Women’s Long-Sleeve Turtleneck from Target (which is now available by clicking the link below the picture above). I took a chance with getting it in a size small because usually they shrink after washing, but this one did not. It was not only versatile, but also warm and comfortable. I paired the black turtleneck with pink flare jeans, a sweater vest and brown boots. Shop below for other items to go along with the Merona Women’s Long-Sleeve Turtleneck: