Spooktacular Costumes for Halloween

Fur-ocious Frankie Teen Costume
Source: Costume Express
You can be the most fabulous monster at any costume party with this spooktacular outfit.
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Trendy Fragrances: Lady Gaga Fame

“Lady Gaga presents her first fragrance in collaboration with her own The Haus Laboratories Paris and fragrance company Coty. The fragrance is built on three main accords – dark accord, sensual accord and light accord. The dark accord includes poisonous flower Belladonna and incense, which evolve into the sensual and opulent wave of honey drops, saffron and apricot. A floral veil of Sambac jasmine and tiger orchid embody light and beauty.The liquid of the perfume is also innovative—it is colored in black but becomes invisible when it touches the skin. Just like the fame itself: “It’s black like the soul of fame, but invisible once airborne.” 
Source: Perfume Emporium
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