Ralph Lauren Spring 2016

Ralph Lauren presented his Spring 2016 collection on September 17, 2015 at New York Fashion Week. This collection had a nautical theme. The models who opened the Ralph Lauren show wore mostly white with a touch of red and blue. As the show went on, the models wore more shades of blue, red and brown and multi-colored geometric shapes. Towards the end of the show, the models wore cropped, ankle and long length trousers, flowy tops, shirts, sweaters, unique jumpsuits and beautiful gowns.

The Spring 2016 looks were fresh and modern. The colors consisted of bright white, light and dark shades of blue, brilliant red, yellow and light green along with shades of mustard and brown. Chunky heeled sandals, tote bags, multi-layered bangles, nautical hats and sunglasses were a wonderful addition to the collection. The belts mirrored the pieces they were on. Ralph Lauren’s use of geometric shapes with bright colors were reminiscent of Picasso’s abstracts. The way Ralph Lauren incorporated stripes was marvelous and perfect for the nautical theme. 

Courtesy of Vogue
Review by TeenFashion
3:57pm CST

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